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I let mun anies free range all day and the are in the coop at night. Lately about twice a week i find broken egg shells and egg whites in the hay. They have fresh water every day plenty off food and calcium every day. What else can i do to prevent this problem. I am not even sure which of my four babies are laying or which one is the one having this issue
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hi! Sometimes if an egg accidentally breaks in the nest box, the hen/pullet will peck at it and quickly find out that it tastes delicious. There are some other reasons they may start this as well, such as if they are lacking nutrients in their diet, they will eat their eggs to fulfill the need for the missing nutrients (although I don't think this is the case in your situation) This quickly evolves into a nasty habit where the pullet/hen will intentionally break her eggs and then devour them. Sometimes it can be difficult or nearly impossible to break this habit so you should start as soon as you suspect that they are egg eaters. The 'culprit(s)' will often literally have egg residue on their beak and feathers around their face .....Other hens may pick up on this as well and start the habit.........Do you think this could be what's happening?? Let me know if this helps or if you suspect something different......


also you can check out these links if you think it could be egg eating and would like to know some ways to try and break the habit and some more info on it :)

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Well since then i have figured out what is happening. We have a bully she pecks at the other hens and consumes all the calcuim ive since been putting it in a few spots at a time so the others have a chance to get to it at the same time. Since ive been doing this all my girls have been laying double yoke eggs once a day and they are dont even fit into the egg carton. However this morning there was a broken agg with yoke egg whtes and all thw shell still in the coop. I found out our bully is stomping the egg. Is there a way to break that habbit
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Hi there,


Okay, well at least you figured out the issue!!! Those must have been some big eggs!

Is this still going on, or is it just occasional, like an accidental breakage??? Sometimes if hens are sharing a nesting box, as they are moving around and as the other hen tries to get it, eggs can be broken, stomped on, and crushed in the boxes. If my hen wants the nesting box another hen is using, she will get on top of her and bully her out of it, which usually involves a lot of squawking and clumsy movements. Have you actually witnessed her stomping the eggs?

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Yea when she wants another hen out of the box shes the big bully. Shes actually oir big layer. Shes the one who lays our double yokers and its an every day thing with her and just thismorning there was an egg from her double the size of her usual jumbo egg. I will post a picture in a few minutes
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