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how contagious are leg mites?

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adopted a flock from shelter.    some have leg mites but looks like some don't. Is that possible?   Do I treat them all anyway?   They have been together for at least two months- probably a lot longer than that.   Also- my current crowd free ranges most of the day but mostly on a different part of my property. However, I did happen to catch a leghorn visiting the newbies in the barn stall.  Since they don't even seem to be sharing with each other- are my guys ok if they are just looking form outside in?

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I can't say how contagious they are, but I would treat the chickens once a week with castor oil rubbed into the scales once a week. It helps to loosen the scales with a soapy leg bath and a gentle scrub with a toothbrush before the oil. Castor oil is less messy and has healing properties, but you can also use vegetable oil or vaseline. Most of my chickens are leg mite free, but I have seen a couple with raised scales, so I think you will just need to reat each chicken as need be. But a cleaning of the coop, and spraying the floor, roosts, and nest boxes with 10% permethrin before adding new bedding is probably wise.

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so here I am almost a month later.   I work three jobs so didnt get them treated as often as Id like. sprqayed with vetricin and vaselined.. then waited two weeks and did it all again which was this past mon.   not sure I see any improvement and almost think maybe some have rised scales that didnt before.   when I treated the first time I feel like overall I thought to myself at teh end that there werent as many with issues as I thought.  this time I felt lilke there were very few that didnt have issues.   anyone else have any ohter solutions?   these guys are nto fantastically friendly and I dont have crazy free time to capture and harrass a dozen chickens.    uggggggg

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I usually wait until they have all gone to bed in the coop so I don't have to catch them individually! I then use olive oil in a spray can to spray there legs. I do it about every second day until their legs are all better.

I hope this helps and good luck with your flock ☺
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The castor oil apparently will stay on and not need to be applied as often according to some who have used it. It is also pretty cheap, around $3 for a bottle. It has healing properties and is less messy than some other oils. Treating your coop with permethrin spray and replacing the bedding may also help.Pine shavings are better to use as bedding, since hay and straw can harbor mites, and that is how many people bring them in.

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so new plan.  cage each bird individually and treat.  No need to catch anybody!!!   so I am back and forth with what to put in the cages.   newspaper or shavings. thinking shavings since they might  keep clean a half second longer than newspaper would.   So if I can treat daily or every other day should I still use scarlex and vaseline or oil of some kind or just oil?   Light at the end of the tunnel  yay!!!!

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