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We had this problem with our bantam who was getting picked on. We had isolated her for several weeks to where her back was completely healed and feathers came back in full. She seems to be doing well with the group again.

It's going to take a lot of time for it to heal... Just do your best to treat it and isolate her if you have to.

Yes, good point I failed to mention! We hept our girl seperate, Drs. Orders.
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Nustock is pine oil and sulfur mixed, and will cover the red since it is opaque, help in healing,  and the bad taste of the pine oil prevents pecking. You can put it on so many things in chickens. Many feed stores carry it. I've also heard of people mixing their own from sulfur powder.

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OK. I have another chicken with almost the same injury as the one I have been treating.  Went out to the coop today and found one of my hens sitting on the roost not looking well.  I brought her in the house and found an area on her back that looks the same as the other one but not as bad.  I have no idea what is going on,, if something is getting in the coop at night or if rooster is just being hard on them.  Also the hen I found this morning died in my arms and the only thing I can think of is day before yesterday I cleaned the poop board and there was egg yolk all over it.  I did find a soft shell that had been broken but I figured it was from one of my younger hens that will start laying soon...too many things going on!!!   I have attached the photo of her wound.

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That could be a cut from a rooster's spur, but also could be from a predator. Separate her in a cage, and clean the wound with weak betadine, then apply some antibiotic ointment twice a day. If there are flies out where you live you may want to bring her inside for a few days to prevent maggot infestation. Trim or file down any sharp spurs on the rooster.

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She passed away in my arms this morning.  I am going to look over the coop and see if any of the other chickens have that starting.  I will definitely trim roosters nails and spurs..thanks so much for your response...

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So sorry for your loss hugs.gif. I'd check just under each wing as it can be really easy to miss under all those feathers. My EE had a hole the size of a silver dollar under her left wing that I would've missed had I not been checking her for mites. It was indeed our rooster. Best wishes to you and the rest of your flock.
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