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Wobbly silkie

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I have a 7 week and four days old silkie who is wobbly. He eats fine and drinks, is not thin or fat, but walks as if he is crouched all the time. My other chicks are fine. He used to walk normally, and started "crouching" all the time when he was about 4-5 weeks old. I think he pooing fine, but I am not sure. He does not jump, but can flap his wings normally. He does not dig like a normal chicken. The coop is clean, and there is no sign of lice, although there might be some, but I don't think so. Is this genetic, or could he have an inner ear problem affecting his balance. He does fall over when he runs quickly, and usely goes a little bit to one side when he runs.


Please post a response if you have an idea, and thank you if you do.

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I would continue to watch him. Was he vaccinated for Mareks disease? He may just be different from your other chickens, or clumsy, but sometimes symptoms can progress over time. Hopefully, he is going through a gawky period, and is healthy. Post again here if you notice anything new or different.

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Thanks for the rapid response. We've looked at Mareks disease but he doesn't seem to have any symptoms other than being wobbly. No skin lesions, no eye differences. He was not vaccinated, nor are any others in the flock. We'll keep monitoring him.


The silkie does not have coordination problems. His feet move in sync, he just doesn't stand up properly and leans to one side when he runs.

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Hello. I am very sorry that I have not posted an update. My silkie recovered on his own. I still don't know what it was. He behaves normally, but is smaller since he has had a stunted growth.

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