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Attacked by Coons!

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One of my girls survived a raccoon attack. She has a head wound. I cleaned her up with water and Neosporin. She initially had diarrhea with small worms. I wasn't sure if she was going to make it. We are three days out from the trauma and she's not eating much feed, but free ranging well, eating eggshells and drinking plenty of water. She's right at 15 weeks and is acting like she's getting ready to lay.


Will her eggs be safe to eat?


I'm not worried about rabies as I've researched and learned birds can't get rabies. But I know raccoons carry worms and other diseases that are deadly. I have not been able to tell if her stool is back to normal or still wormy. She is our last chicken to survive and I will more than likely purchase more healthy hens now that the coop has been cleaned and turned into fort knox. 


If her eggs are viable, I will treat her and keep her in the hen house. Otherwise, we will keep her as a pet rather than a layer.


Any feedback for this newbie is appreciated! We've only had chickens for 2 months ;)

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Her eggs are safe to eat. Have you wormed her yet? I like Valbazen the best for worming--dosage is 1/2 ml orally to each chicken, and repeat in 10 days. There is a 14 day egg withdrawal from the last dose (of this and most dewormers.) SafeGuard Liquid goat wormer or equine paste is also good. Try tempting her to eat by adding water to her food, some chopped egg, canned tuna, or liver.

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Thank you so much for your feedback! I have not yet wormed her and I appreciate the input on that as well. Ruddy is doing GREAT and seems back to normal!

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Good to hear that she is doing well. Thank you for the update.

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