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We were new to chickens as well. We started with our first 19 chickens (14 hens and 4 roosters /lost a hen)in May as chicks. Our coop is a chicken coop turned shed turned back to a chicken coop. With the installation of a few windows and a dividing wall inside along with a bunch of perches.

My flock can not free range as I fear our dogs will take to opportunity to "feed" them selves. So ample run space is important.

The run is done as everyone recommends with 1 inch hardware cloth on the bottom and welded wire on top. I have chicken wire on the ground and it runs 2 feet out and the grass grew through it so it stays in place nicely. There is wire around the bottom of the coop too.

We topped it with poultry netting and the grey piping is conduit which flexed perfectly and was easy to install.

The coop is wire on the floor topped with linoleum and 2.5 feet up the walls is galvanized roofing to help keep it clean and keep pests that may "try" to get in through wood no chance through metal.  

I do have 2 lines of solar electric fence wire running along the ground and 3 feet up "just in case" but don't use it often as the run is Fort Knox.

Inside is tight but I believe it will be fine for winter as it will keep the birds warm.

We are building another "covered run" 10ft by 20ft off the right side of the coop hoping to encourage them to spend time outside this winter. Also hope it allows everyone the choice of which side to go out in keeping the stress of being "cooped" up to a minimum.  Also considering a movable Premier poultry electric fence to allow mine to use the yard 

Oh and we are going to try out black 5 gallon pails with the lids cut to 1/3 for nesting boxes. Not ready to lay yet but think they will work?