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Whoops. I meant 15"! Not 15'! That'd be a really awesome, tall coop, but that's about 5' more than I have!

re: the scratch pad, if they can't go out, they go down. That's generally where I put kitchen scraps, scratch grains, etc., so they can dig around -- I am letting the litter build up, so it should be relatively warm during the coldest part of the year.
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Ok, photos with roosts/shelf and chickens!

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And an update -- this coop is coming along slowly, but the chickens don't seem to mind all that much. 


I hope to get both the run and the nest box up in the next few weeks.  Meanwhile, here's what it looks like and how it's working.


Chickens down the hatch!  I generally put clippings, rejected fruit/veggies, etc., down into the scratching area throughout the day, and when they come in in the afternoon or when I guide them back they go right down to see what's for the scratching.


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Yesterday happened to be the day that I cut back most of the tomatoes that don't have an opportunity to ripen before the front, so I put some of the culled branches and leaves up in their roosting area.  They seemed to like it!

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