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Chickens wont lay in coop!

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My 2 oldest chickens continue to lay their eggs in my coop. All my other 30+ chickens will not lay their eggs in the coop unless they get locked in their until they lay. I am so sick of having to lock my chickens up everyday until evening! Help please!

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How many nesting boxes do you have?
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I have multiple nest boxes yet all my hens lay in one box. Maybe start a nest and add an egg to the nest boxes to help them get the idea.
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I have 15 nest for about 40 hens. I have found they prefer them 4-5 feet off the ground. When I had them about 1-2 feet off the ground they would not use them. Plus the nest are located so darkest areas of house.
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Make sure that the hens can get to the nest boxes easily.  They shouldn't be too far off of the ground. Maybe a foot or two. If they are too high, then you may need to add a roost in front of the nest box so the hen can get to it easily.  Make sure the hen can easily see into the nest box.  If they can't see into the nest box, they may not choose to jump into them.  Something is going on in your coop that is causing the hens to choose to lay their eggs elsewhere.

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Try moving the eggs laid elsewhere to the nests in the coop. Leave them there for a while. They should get the idea soon.
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