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We've just adopted 5 HiLine Browns and were horrified to see their beaks have been trimmed! We were told it was to stop them injuring each other but it's not something I am comfortable with, especially considering they'll be free range from now on. Will their beaks grow back? How long does it take?? :idunno

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I just picked up 5 d'Anver hens, two of them need their top beak trimmed badly... as it is way, way to long.
They are also starting to use them as spears.

Last thing I need is them to hurt the other bantams I have.

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Avian vets routinely use a dremel to trim beaks. My house chickens need trimming badly. I did skip a page, but didn't see any real guide. I know how to trim parrot beaks, have just never seen it done on a chicken.
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I picked up three hens to replace three that were Roosters. Unknowingly, until I picked them up, they were as the man said..."de-beaked." I asked why and he said so they don't peck each other. Well guess what, my first even all have beaks and they are establishing the "pecking order." My question is twofold; are the new ones safe and will their beaks grow back? After 6 days the newbies have not been accepted into the flock. Did I create a problem? 


Still new at this but learning!

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P.S. We are free range!

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If you feed them on hard surface like stone that may help keep their beaks filed down
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I've just trimmed my Polish.
Using a file and wrapping her in a towel to keep her calm.
First time and she's all the better for it.
I just run the file under neath her top beak until it just hangs over the bottom slightly.
Not to sharp mind.
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I read this thread because I have a house chicken with beak issues. My BO roo had problems with sour crop last summer and his beak got a little long when I was hand feeding him. I fixed it by putting his food on a concrete slab for a few days. My little pet will only eat crumbles, though, so that solution won't work for her.
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I'm new here. Just got 4 Golden Comets on Sunday. I have discovered one of my girls has a trimmed upper beak that is very stubby and shorten. She had difficulty pecking at food and snacks. She is slower to eat so the others are stealing her food. Will her beak grow back?
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