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I have respect for all our animals. In knowing that they will possibly come and want to eat  anyone's flock or what ever, it is ours, as animal keepers ,to provide a safe haven for them.

I do not like nor condone guns and if I need to , I come out with my loaded garden hose. 

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I just wanted to say something. EVERYONE has such strong opinions and many of them valid but each of us need to realize that EVERYONE has different values and different ways of doing things. No one should judge another person's way of doing anything.


Neglect is one thing, that is definitely wrong, but there is no "right" way to do things. People have been raising animals for thousands of years. Free range, no free range. Rifle, no rifle. The animals living out in the woods have ways of protecting themselves, any of them would gladly kill a predator to protect their little ones and themselves. Those humans who choose not to kill, should not be judged, but then neither should those who choose too. In a sense, killing predators is just "natural" but I'm not going to put someone down because they believe in non violent solutions.


Those who free range, have their reasons. Those who do not, have their reasons. Everyone does and thinks differently. That is what makes people so wonderful.


We should stop jumping on others just because they do things and think differently. Seeing that we all raise animals, we have all lost animals before, through one thing or another.


I'm not going to argue one side or the other, but lets all realize that no individual "knows everything". You can be wrong, I can be wrong. So lets all just do things the best we can without condemning one persons way of doing something. Approach things with the mindset, "Hey, I don't know everything, this person may know something I don't. This person's situation may be different."


I don't know, I just hate to see so much conflict.


This is not a rant, simply an observation.



Oh and, good morning! Glad to hear about the eggs! YES, EAT THEM, they are delicious :love

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I need to add something to this whole thread since I had a devastating thing happened to me, in my opinion ,and it wasn't the wild life that took my freinds away. After raising my babies and loving them so much, they were taken away from me by an Executor who thought he could come onto the property because my landlady was ill and take over everything. Kick my son and I out,as well as many other residents on the property even after the court acknowledged the animals are all mine ,he still kept them from me. I can't go to the produce stand or listen to the wild geese fly above me without crying.
I haven't to say at least the Bobcat was honest and forthright.
I can live with that.
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