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This is the pump that I am using

And I did take pictures of every week I finished I'll put label the weeks

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 5
It took about 7 weeks but week 6 and 7 was basically just making it look better.
Here are pictures of wood duck boxes too
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Nice! What dimensions did you use for the nest boxes? I've done much research and still not sure what will be best. I built one with what I had on hand and it's about 9x9x19 interior. I made a box for the bottom that slides on and is easily removed to replace nesting material. Did you buy or make a bio filter? I've been researching that too and it looks very simple and inexpensive.
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That was a good idea to slide, on mine the side opens up to get in. The dimensions for the side is 12x24, front is 12.5x23 and the back is 12.5x30.I got 4 wood duck boxes and now I need to make some ground nest boxes
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Well you've got the large size and I've got the small, so let's keep each other posted. I've read that the smaller size usually prevents nest dumping, but that shoddy be a probl anyway if I have 4 boxes and 2 pair of wood ducks.
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I think my woodies are getting ready to lay. The hens have been roosting on top of the neat boxes. I'm not sure that means anything. But they haven't done that before.
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People have seen them laying before as early as December so possibly. That is good they are exploring and know where the nesting boxes are. Let me know if they do lay, that will be awesome!
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Yes I'm hopeful that between the 2 pair I'll have some woody ducklings.
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