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Thought I would share some pics of tiny flock

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Ichabod crane is the silver polish frizzle rooster, bitty is the silkie, lucky is the black and white polish smooth frizzle, and Brownie is the brown araucana hen
I hope the pictures load :-)


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The one of ichabod crane didnt load so im reposting it here :-) he is having a pretty good hair day today lol

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Nice. Thnaks for sharing. :)

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ichabod crane is so adorable!!! ive always wanted a frizzle! makes me jealous! 😀
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He is neat!
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Thank you , he is my only rooster so im hoping his chicks will come out just as pretty when he starts breeding
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Well over the weekend we added to are small flock , meet R2d2 the dark colored wyandotte ,yoda the light grey wyandotte mix, and jar jar binks the white polish yes nerd names and no we are not star wars or star trek fans but yes i have watched them all my little brother who passed away almost 5 yrs ago was a huge fan , i had a hen named babylon too (thats where star trek comes in) anywho we also got four baby rabbits named chewbacca , cousin it , bunnicula, and snowball , our small farm is complete

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thenew chickens are so cute! im not a fan of the star trek star wars stuff but i do really enjoy the names they are fun! how are you liking the rabbits? i have guinea pigs and the rabbits always catch my eye. we got 3 new chickens over the weekend as well a naked neck and 2 sexlinks..they are all too cute! congrats on the new additions!
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Thats awesome, well the rabbits are certainly cute as can be but holy cow are they sneaky ,sneaky little escape artist,they discovered how to get through the fencing in my veggie garden , i let the chickens out there and the rabbits for weed control while im out there , but theres a alley way on the other side of the fence and they think they need to go through the fence in to the alley so they are not allowed in the garden till we fix it or their butts get bigger lol but its nice , do your chickens welcome the new ones ok? Mine seem to be ok with yoda and r2 but not so ok with jar jar , and what gets me is even yoda and r2 have turned on jar jar and all three were raised together in the same pen so idk if its our orignal clan causing the stir but i feel bad for jar jar i keep shoeing the others away from her now i know they have a pecking order to re- establish but for crying out loud the poor thing has to be thinking about jumping off the chicken by now , i figured i would give it a few more days if they dont settle im pulling jar jar out of the coop and moving her to her own area
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i havent put them together yet i have the 3 new girls in a seperate coop that i will be able to add to my original coop when i feel they have begun to mingle nicely! this is the 3rd time to get a small group of chickens and the time before didnt go to smoothly so im taking my time with the integrations hoping free range time will open up chicken friendships lol! pecking order is important even my girls that are together still have "some issues" they are young pullets so they are always challenging eachother. i feel as long as noone is getting repeatedly pecked in the head or bleeding and have plenty space to get away from one another they will be alright. hopefully with some time jar jar will be less picked on though she may always be at the bottom of the pecking order. sneaky garden rabbits how funny hopefully they fatten up quickly and leave your veggies alone! sounds like my goats but they finally ate everything because i couldnt afford a bigger fence at the time. those veggies are just too good these little creatures cant get enough!
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