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I've housed many species of quail (including Gambels) in mixed flights and aviaries. I raise mostly finches and doves and haven't had any issues with aggression. Right now I have 6 coturnix housed with about 30 Zebra Finches, 2 diamond and 2 white winged doves in an 8 X 8 walk in aviary. They all get along great. Just keep a close watch on any new birds you add to the mix! Even though they SHOULD get along, you never really know until you actually house them together. I have a diamond dove that can't be in the same cage with anything...they're usually very passive, this guy didn't get the memo...he'll chase any bird I put with him to the point of exhaustion. So again, there are plenty of other species you could put with your quail, just watch them VERY closely for a good while.

Thanks Chris, The guy at Petsmart that I went to yesterday had recommended society finches or Dove as well. He said society finches get along with everyone but you have to have at least 2 of them or they will get depressed. They were quite cute birds in their nests and bundled together. He directed me to a place nearby that has a large selection of birds so I hope to get by there in the next couple of weeks.