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Good morning JesusFreak,


    When I was thinking about becoming a beekeeper the winter before I read "Beekeeping for Dummies." Hate the name but a great beginners book. I don't think it's a bad idea for you to become a beekeeper. My one suggestion is use short suppers or 8 frame hives. Large suppers or 10 frame hives are heavy to lift during full inspections. The bottom two boxes of the hive are for bees only and we never take any of that honey. One of those bottom boxes is 70-80 pounds.

But you seem like a strong person your married and will be raising two children.....God bless you.

   Take the fall and winter and read the book. Remember if you do want to start in the spring you will need to order a package of bees in March or a Nuc. A package of bees is about $95. and it is 3 lbs which is 10,000-11,000 bees. A nuc has the same amount of bees but with frames of brood (babies) and honey/pollen and that is about $135. That is how I started. Look for your local beekeeping association and go to a meeting. Happy to answer any questions.