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chickens loosing feathers

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I am a newbie with raising chickens. Is it normal for there to be a lot of feathers laying on the ground in the coop and run? my chickens are 12 weeks old 

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Did it just start or has it always happened?  This is the time of year that chickens normally molt.  If it is their first year, often times their molt isn't too bad, but they can molt enough to the point that they have bare spots, and then you have to worry about the other birds picking at the bare spots.  Otherwise, just try to ensure that they are getting an adequate supply of protein as this will help them to regrow their feathers better.

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they can molt at this age ?

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Either molting or a chicken is pecking at it. 

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well i just put them in a new coop could it be stress

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it seems like this has been happening for a few weeks

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