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How much will you buy him for
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Or him
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No offense, but why don't you start a thread for your roosters????
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Poor guy is new... He found a place to post and gave it a go.... He'll figure it out soon.
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Native turtles will know to bruminate when cold weather is coming if there are any visiting, frogs and toads too, but please don't add them artificially to your pond. Turtles especially are high maintenance animals, and they deserve optimal care year round. They need a varied diet with a large living space, enrichment opportunities, and expensive basking lights on top of lots and lots of cleaning up after. They are poor choices of pet for anyone who isn't a turtle enthusiast.


If you want frogs or turtles, set it up as an attractive home and let natives come to it on their own. They will arrive and stay if it fits their needs! If they're not there already you can safely assume the pond is not fitting their needs already. Setting up your pond as an attractive place for wildlife by planting heavily around it, adding different water plants, and keeping halves of terracotta pots and other hiding places around, will attract tons of stuff. We had 12 species of frog spawn in our pond this year! It is lovely to sit out on the back porch and match the species to the call. Don't keep goldfish if you want tadpoles, btw! They'll eat the eggs.

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We did have a lot of tadpoles in it last year, but none this year. Probably because of the bass.
I used the calculator earlier and it said the pond is approximately 150 gallons. So, that puts Koi or any other large fish out of the question. hmm.png
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