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BROODY HEN ( almost)

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So? I have a banty who is almost 8 or 9 months old. She wants to set on egg's(witch is what I want, baby chicks.)

BUT!?! When she gets out, to eat or drink, "She" dose not always go back to the egg's she "was" sitting on. sometimes She'll go to another box (like if another bird lays a egg, she'll go sit on them) and let her egg's get COLD. the longest she's sat on 1 group of egg's was like 2 days. so I'm back to pulling out all the eggs every day. and I've been setting her out side, cuz if she can't go back to the eggs she was setting on it's pointless to let her do it.

could I move her and a nest box to a spot where she can be alone??????? Or will she get it on her own?????

20 birds 8 bantys 8 RIR's 1 very big and very DUMB Turkey and 3 black jersey giants !!!!!!!!!!


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Yep, you could try moving her nest box - possibly to an elevated position. Hopefully she will get the drift! 

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Hello, if you have extra room in your coop, you can put her in a separated section. This way no new eggs are layed in her nest and she goes back to the same box. A dog cage can do the job, make sure to put water and feed for her. Good luck with your hatch.
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