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Ok, interesting. So your saying it's better not to have a top cap " wood" on top of the fence. Gives them something to aim for. Use just wire instead ??

My Wyandotes have not gotten out since I switched from a 40" plastic that they would sit on, to a 48" wire fence.  I think the wire is kinda tough on their feet but to my knowledge they have never even tried.  

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Can I get everyone opinion on which breeds are best for having a low fence ? Thank you
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with clipped wings mine could make it over a five foot fence

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brahma, heavier breeds are more ground oriented

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My chickens are able to get on top of there ten foot run. Even with clipped wings, three feet could easily be jumped!
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Ohhh darn
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My Leghorns can easily jump onto my shoulders, that's at least 5 feet. 

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