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Drabbits, hun, ya gotta tell me! What's going on?!? How many hatched?!? As you read above, still nothong here and down 2 eggs, only 9 in the bator left! So whatcha got?!? Scottyterrier, what about you? You should be on day 21! Has any hatched yet???
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Broodybettysmom, nothing yet sad.png I counted the day I set them as day 1, so that makes today 21.I'm watching like a hawk.... I dreamt one hatched only to see that wasn't the case.....
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Lol! I had that very same dream! It's killing me wondering if possibly they're shrink wrapped and I can save them, if only I would pip them. Then I just take a breath and walk away!
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Broody mom- my hatch was a success so far. I had 10 eBay silkies that made it past week one hatch, and also 3 ducks so far. Still waiting on two more ducks and 4 polish eBay eggs which are due tomorrow.

At this point I would personally dive in after the ones I thought were maybe alive at day 21/22 and no pips. Here is a great thread on assisted hatching

Basically you pinch tiny bits of the air cell carefully with flat tip tweezers and whatever you do don't nip past the air cell or hurt the membrane. Then you dab the membrane with warm water and keep it very humid in the incubator.

Not sure if it's something you would want to do but it is a last resort option sometimes. Did it on my first duck and it turned out well.
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S.O. pointed out in the records that today, not yesterday is day 21! Here I was freaking out on him that the babies are all dis!
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I'm scared to death to do anything in fear I might kill them interfering. Wondering at what point do I step in and assist?? Trying to keep busy so I'm not hovering over the incubater... this is so nerve wracking. I'm snapping at everyone. Deep breaths!! Lol
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Scottyterrier, great link on assisted hatching. Thanks for posting. smile.png
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Yes a great link! Just checked it out! I will admit that I' m scared to do it. I honestly am beside myself waiting!!!
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Wondering if I should raise the temp or leave it as it is at 99.5
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I'm leaving mine around 100°. I'm doing my best to stay away from the bator.
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