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I would go agead and assist. Pip the aircell end. Moisten with qtip. See movement? If yes, set on a wet napkin in incubator. If no movement is seen, now wpuld be a good time to do the eggtopsy.
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Make sure to keep napkin and internal membrane moist. Membrane suggestion is once every 3 hours.
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just did the float test and one sank and other one floated and rocked. What should I do ?
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The one that sank is bad. The other should be OK.
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Should I open the bad one and do I leave the good one alone?
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I just opened the egg that sunk in the water test and it was fully developed except the yolk hadn't been absorbed.. hummm?
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Could have been d.i.s. due to temp. or humidity? Did you pip into the aircell first and see if you saw movement or just popped it open?
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Gently opened up air sack and seen no movement. Then broke it open to see if it was breathing. Seen blood... I'm just sick to my stomach..... Still one in bator... I'm lost!!!
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Learned a valuable lesson. Who am I to play with life, Not sure I can do this again, I purchased 10 two week old barnyard bani's from the Amish and thinking I'll let them do the incubating for me from now on. hmm.png
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That's a shame! I'm so sorry! It seems you have temp problems too! I stuck a second thermometer, the same as the one I have, both are beside each other, one reads 98, the other reads 101. The higher one is actually further from the thermostat! I'm thinking the next clutch will be done without water and see the difference. My photos still don't want to load up. I'm not sure why. 

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