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Mystery peritonitis outbreak?

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Several of my hens are showing signs of some kind of laying malfunction but something isn't adding up to me. Please help me figure out what's going on!

So the first chicken started showing symptoms 2 days ago. She was sitting a lot and when she did walk, it was a waddle with her tail down. I assume she was egg bound sound I tried to feel for an egg but there seemed to be nothing. Then yesterday her poop looked like there was yolk mixed in. So I figured the egg broke. No antibiotics on hand or available locally but I got calcium gluconate and treated her with that to help push anything else out. Also gave her a bath/steam treatment. Today she seems a tad better but still waddling and looking uncomfortable.

Noticed something was up witth hen 2 last night. This morning she had the same waddle and wasn't moving much. Gave her a shot of calcium gluconate and had to go to work, hoped she would lay an egg and show some improvement by the time I got home. No such luck so I gave her the bath/steam treatment and she dropped a huge poop but no egg. The poop didn't have any yolk but it was forest green and smelled funny. Seems better than hen 1 but still not right.

Hen 3 isn't showing any symptoms except last night when I went to check on the other 2, there was a soft shelled egg right under where she was roosting.

Any ideas what on earth could be going on? I would have assumed a deficiency if it was more spread out but 3 chickens all at once? And the weird smelly green poo, could it be an infection messing with their reproductive system? Any ideas would be appreciated!
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Update; This morning Hen 1 is still walking with her tail down but she was keeping up with the flock. I think she might be feeling better but not completely.

Hen 2 hadn't left the roost before I went to work, so I think she is feeling worse, but Hen 1 did the same yesterday, so maybe it's not so bad.

Hen 3 seems fine, I gave her a shot of calcium gluconate last night, she is definitely in better spirits than the other two because she was the only one that put up a fight while getting the shot.


I should be getting penicillin today so I will treat hen 1 and 2, and if hen 3 shows any symptoms I will treat her as well...Anything else I should be doing?  

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