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chick just flops over

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I have a week and a half old silkie sizzle?  she just keeps flopping over almost as if she is drunk.  she eats some and was drinking.  I gave some pedialite by dropper and she did better.  gave her some this morning but this afternoon she was flopping again.  gave her some pedi and put her back and she just flops over.  she will peep when I hold her and move around but still acts drunk.  Any Ideas to help her?  she has heat a covered box with towels for bedding food and water  always around as there are six other chicks the same age.  Thanks

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my Silkie just pas on. I will just watch the others and maybe add a few vitamin drops to their water once in awhile.

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I'm sorry for your loss! If you haven't already disposed of the body, it might be a good idea to send it off for a necropsy. If you do a search on here for necropsy, several threads will give information on how to do it. In the meantime, you could put the chick in a ziplock and put her in the fridge (NOT freezer) until you are ready to send her. The necropsy will give you some information as to what happened so if it shows up in another chick, you will be prepared to treat it. 

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is that test free? if not about how much would it cost?

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Many colleges will do it for free or a small fee. It all depends on where you are located...
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