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cuts on their beaks??

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So this afternoon I went out to sit with my chickens for a few minutes and noticed 4 out of 6 of them have some sort of scrape/cut by their noses--all in different stages; one looks just like a bit of dry skin but when I look close I can see a tiny bit of blood under. My Buff always seems to have little dots of red around her beak so I figured she was just scratching her face too hard, but this wasn't there yesterday. And one of my RIRs has it the worst, looks like a gash on the top of her beak...


I've looked around the coop but can't find anything they could be getting into that would cause this. Any ideas?

Pictures aren't the greatest, but they don't exactly stand still for very long.


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HI! Since all of them see to be affected, could it be their feeder or waterer?
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I thought that at first but both feeder and waterer don't come close to the spot they're getting scratched. They all get along great so I know they're not attacking each other.


I'm going to keep watching them to see what they're doing..

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