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Hi guys, I started my version of duck aquaponics.

I googled and found a few variations of duck aquaponics and only found a few posts or articles, most which were discontinued or abandoned.   Being a expert at aquaponics and having raised chickens for a few  years, I thought it'd be cool to have fresh duck eggs so I constructed something similar to my chicken coops.

I recently found Wifezilla's duck-ponics thread and thought I'd share my build and problems.


I started with 2 pekin ducklings and then added 2 more a few weeks later to try to get a mating pair.   It'll be a few more months before I can figure out their sex (Drake feather) so the coop was only built for 2.   I may remove one of there are 2 boys to accommodate or possibly build a new setup with a bigger pond.




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I had intended to install a Laguna pump I had on hadn but it was broken so I used another spare pump which clogged regularly.   Eventually a replacement was ordered but being a first time Duck-raiser no one ever mentioned all the feathers in the water.   The way I had the water flowing, I had the pump going to the first growbed which was filled with cinders and I had some spare ong choy (water spinach) cuttings in it.   I had a pipe going under the 1st growbed to the 2nd to push the water thru without disturbing the surface of the 2nd growbed.   I intended to grow duckweed/azolla/silvinia molesta to feed to the ducks but the water flow was so slow that I had massive mosquito larvae outbreaks.

Also, I should mentioned that I do not intend to eat any of the produce grown here, instead its all going back to the ducks, to reduce feed costs.

I had a small container in the last series of pics to make a swirl filter, but I skipped that step for now.   The 3rd growbed was going to be another 26 gallon Tuff Tub, but instead I used some spare EPDM liner I had to make a larger water filled growbed.



I eventually added some shade cloth to keep the rubbish from my neighbors gunpowder tree from clogging up my pipes and pond.


I'm already contemplating on expanding the coop or building something new in another area for them as the space is smaller then I intended.

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