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Austrolorp With Swollen Eye, Nostril and Terrible smell.

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Hello, never made a post here so I apologize if I break any rules or screw anything up. Unfortunately my first has to come with ill news, as one of my Austrolorp's has a terrible illness.


That being said, I'll include some pictures below and describe it as well as I can. Roughly a week ago, I noticed she had some sort of swelling around her eye while I was locking up the coop, I included a picture showing the side with the swollen nostril, that's where the swelling originated surrounding the eye. I decided that since it was late, I would take a look the following morning.


Long story short, I didn't get around to looking at it until a few days later, and the swelling had almost completely subsided. I figured that since it had disappeared in such a short amount of time, there was no worry. And it disappeared completely soon after, so I figured that was the case.


Well, I was wrong. Its returned with a vengeance, and while the swelling around the eye isn't nearly as severe, the nostril-explosion is definitely something I'm worried about. I tried to figure out the illness or cause on my own, or how to treat it. But I found so many forum posts that said to do so many different things that I figured it would be safer just to make my own and provide as much information as I can.


I took pictures prior to trying to clean the muck or dirt out of her nostril, which should be fully visible in the pictures I took. I noticed that while trying to clean it out, there was a terrible smell, so much so that it made me gag. I'm not sure if this is relevant (although it probably is) but I'll include that as well. The original swelling went all around the eye, but it didn't appear to affect her nostril like it has now. For the time being I've separated her from the rest of the flock, and I'll finish cleaning out her nostril in the morning and post a few pictures here in a follow up post when I get the chance.


Anyways here are the pictures:


If anyone has an idea of what this is, or the best way to treat it. I'd be really thankful if they could post here with any information, and hopefully it will help somewhat. 


I'll try to put some time aside to make a followup post regarding this tomorrow, any help is appreciated.

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Welcome to BYC. It's possible that your chicken could have coryza, a chronic respiratory disease. The bad odor, thick nasal mucus, and swelling around the eye can be common. Another disease that can cause a bad odor and affects the nostrils and the beak is canker or trichomononas. It can cause yellow patches inside the beak and nose. Coryza can be treated with sulfa antibiotics such as Sulfadimethoxine and Sulmet in the water,  in combination with Tylan 50 injectable given orally or as a shot. I would recommend getting her tested since coryza and canker can both make carriers in your flock. Sorry that you are dealing with this.

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Thank you so much for your response, I read around online and I recognized Sulmet as one of the most common recommendations for treating this, or at least sicknesses described to similar to this, so I've ordered some online (which should arrive on Tuesday). I'll also look into trying to find Tylan as well. 


I did get around to cleaning the lumpish part protruding from her nostril, and while quite a good bit of it was dirt, the layer underneath is completely solid, and I can only describe it as a light-brown scab. Its completely covering the nostril, and I did notice that there was a clear fluid leaking from the edge of it towards the tip of her beak. I did try to clean completely around it (which is very difficult considering she doesn't plan to keep her head still, and it was already a struggle getting the dirt off) and I'll try and get around to posting much clearer pictures tomorrow. I did look into some of the symptoms of Coryza, and while she doesn't have any sort of bubbling around the eyes that I can see now, the major swelling above her eye has turn to a slightly pale-white color. I also read that this is also a symptom (along with the other things I've described in my previous post) here:


But assuming its Coryza or Canker, its only contagious after being treated? For the time being I plan on keeping her isolated from my other hens regardless, but I did also read in that thread that Sulmet is fairly useless and to simply stick to Tylan 200 (which I'm assuming is just a stronger, more concentrated Tylan 50). It seems that there isn't an oral-version for Tylan 200 (at least not that I can find), which is a little annoying. So I might just stick to the oral Tylan 50 anyways. I'm not sure what I should do about the scab-thing however. Its completely covering her nostril but she doesn't seem to be in any kind of pain, some of the beak tissue below her nostril (not sure what to call that) has protruded outwards and its a little worrying. It should be visible in the pictures took last night. Should I attempt to remove it, or leave it alone? Other than that the swelling isn't nearly as bad as it was previously, and she does have an appetite so I'm assuming it can't be too serious.


Again, thanks for the response and I apologize for not getting around to responding last night. I'll try to make another post with much clearer pictures tomorrow, especially now that her nostril has been cleaned up.

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Tylan 50 is 50mg of Tylan per ml, while Tylan 200 is 200 mg per ml, so they are the same drug, but one is 4 times as strong as the other. They both can be given orally as well as by injection. For coryza, Sulmet is very good, but giving  Tylan at the same time can help treat or prevent any secondary infections. There is a good link to read if you Google "how to clean a clogged nostril in chickens." Toothpicks and hydrogen peroxide are useful. Dried mucus and feed getting stuck can turn to concrete in the nostrils, and can resemble nasal canker.

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