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Gurgling breathing

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i have a hen 15 months old that had bumble foot 2 times (back to back) in the same foot. I don't believe the vet got it all out the first time. Now we just drained the second spot. While doing the draining we noticed that she is now gurgling when she breathes. I know gurgling can happen when on her back and stressed but she is doing it even outside under normal conditions and also sneezing. She's always been a sneezer (but not this much) and is cross beaked. Drinks, eats and acts normal otherwise. Anything I need to give her for an antibiotic or something? TYIA

~ Nicole
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Firstly, it may be an idea to isolate the sick chicken. You could try antibiotics and vitamin supplements - the latter helps boost the immune system. It may be a mild respiratory disorder, or could be something more serious. My flock has infectious bronchitis (same symptoms you describe) which is a chronic condition (i.e. not serious, but all the flock are carriers and they show symptoms now and again). As i am relatively confident regarding their symptoms i don't do anything apart from ensure vitamin supplements are in their water. I do monitor them a few times a day, but the symptoms usually clear up after a week or so. A bit like a human having a cold.


However, since you do not know what is going on, antibiotics may assist - either in fighting whatever "nasty" she has or at least fighting off secondary infections if it is viral (e.g. infectious bronchitis).


Good luck!


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What antibiotics are recommended for chickens? It seems to be getting worse.
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I'm sorry - can't help with that as i live in Kenya and have no clue whats available in the States. Maybe ask at a vet or the store that sells medicine for chickens?

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Ok thank you. I will see if they would know at our local feed store.
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