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For Sale:
Adorable 50% Juliana miniature piglets

Will Ship To: Anywhere

So excited to offer these beauties.  They were born on September 22nd to Olivia (100% Juliana) and her mate Oliver who is a black miniature pig.  They are known as micro, micro mini, teacup and Juliana pigs.  These little guys make great companions.  They are very smart,  can be easily litter box trained and trained to do tricks, led on a leash with harness and get along great with other pets and children. Mine love cuddle time and getting their bellies scratched. These guys will be 11-15" tall and 35-50 lbs. fully grown.  Their life span is approximately 12 years. Please do not purchase them unless you intend to keep them for their lifetime. Please visit for care, diet, and more before making the decision to buy a pig.   These pigs can get as large as 60 lbs although that wouldn't be common.   Don't believe anyone who tells you they stay very small.  They are the size of a medium to large dog. 


These babies are ready for their new homes and price has been reduced from $600.00.  Teeth are trimmed, males are fixed and all are wormed.  Ready to wrap for Christmas. 

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