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I have 6 Blue Heeler and they keep coyotes away from the house.Just have seen down the pasture this week 3 coyotes by the cows.but they don't come up to the house (chicken coop) luckily....
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Our old dog which was a Saint lab mix was amazing at keeping our whole farmstead safe..... From everything. So I agree with that maybe breed doesn't have all to do with it. He did have a track he roamed twice a day. Thanks for all the info!
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My neighbor keeps Great Pyrenees and he runs goats, sheep, horses, chickens, and cows over large pastures. His female Pyr will attack ANYTHING that crosses into her field. She mourns when he weans the baby stock.

The male in the field near our house patrols the perimeter at least once a day and then heads back to the barnyard. He has a few and they all have different "styles."

We got an adult experienced Pyr for when we get our stock, hopefully soon. He has logged 5 confirmed coyote kills with his previous owners on a goat farm. It makes me nervous to let him roam without all our perimeter fence up so he's got a cable run over half the yard when we aren't out with him. His collar broke one night and I was freaked he was long gone, but he came trotting from the front yard. I've seen him be protective of vehicles driving in front of our house. He watches and makes sure they keep moving on their way. We've only had him a month, but I feel safer from everything now.
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