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We have a sweet hen named "Elvis". Long story short:
Bought 15 chicks (mail order) and fell in love but wanted eggs a little sooner. Found an ad for layers and bought 2. She has been with us for about 6 weeks- the other, Henrietta (original, I know) died about 2-3 weeks ago after suffering from lethargy and difficulty walking; we lost 6 of our pullets 2 weeks prior to that to coccidiosis. We treated the remaining girls with sulfanilamide and all a been well in our coop until this week:
I took Elvis out to treat her legs for possible mites (looking very scaly) and noticed she is foaming at mouth and smells bad.
Any information helping us treat our friend would be greatly appreciated!
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I do not have much experience with mycoplasma and respiratory infections, but I've seen many chicken keepers use Tylan 50 injectible to treat mycoplasma. ---Come join us! 

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Reply ---Come join us! 

~Below Paradise Poultry~


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Do chickens sneeze with mycoplasma?

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Welcome to BYC! I'm sorry for your losses. :hugs How is Elvis doing?


What you are dealing with could be a serious contagious disease that could affect your whole flock. If you have the means, you should consult a vet for an accurate diagnosis and course of treatment.


From my research, Denaguard is the most effective treatment for MG, but it is expensive. Also, even if you successfully treat the symptoms of MG, the chicken will remain a carrier for life and can pass it on to your other chickens. If I remember right, a bad smell is a key symptom of Coryza. You should do some research on both of those diseases and probably a few others before deciding on a course of action.


You might find this helpful:


Keep us posted!

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