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I have a 7 month old flock of chickens, two French Marans and three feed store chickens.  Ginger is a little red hen and I noticed a few days ago she wasn't walking well.  It has only gotten worse.  I have kept her with just one of her sisters separated from the rest of the birds... This morning i went to let the birds out and check on her.  She can't stand without using her wings to help her from falling.  She seems worse today than yesterday.  I gave her selenium with vitamin e oil, also calcium crushed up mixed with baby food.  I love my little chicken so much I really hope she doesn't have Marek's disease.  If anyone has had a bird with this problem can you please write me?  I don't know how to handle Ginger.  I thought she was egg bound so I even gave her a bath.  She laid the egg but it came out with a tiny bit of orangish liquid on it. I don't really think she's egg bound anymore but she definitely can't walk.  I feel horrible I just want to help her please someone give me some advice.  If it is Marek's what should I do?