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Legal help!

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so I live in a decent size town of about 15,000 people. In my town we have a law against any "livestock". However I feel it is silly to ban chickens. I have a small emphasis on small "illegal" flock of silkies and I would like help or maybe even a form to present to our city council members on the legalization of backyard chickens. Does anyone have experience in this subject matter? I want them to at least make some sort of deal nothing crazy. However, I am going to keep my flock regardless of what they work to say.thank you for the help!
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In at least 2 adjacent suburbs to me,  chickens are illegal,  as well as ducks.   In Chicago  Downtown there is no restrictions on chickens except possibly the number of them. ( THIS MAKES SENSE COMPLETELY.)  There you can see that individual municipalities make their own regulations.   If you get enough people together and petition the Mayer and city council to reconsider, then it may happen.   If your numbers are small, then you will not be heard.!!!  You may need to consult an attorney in your town  as to how to go about your petition. 

There are towns that have had their laws changed.    Some come with restrictions such as number of chickens and no roosters.   That makes it at  least somewhat easier. 


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