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Cocci - pretty sure :(

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It has been a hell of a week. After putting down an old sweet dog, a favorite hen, administering the first treatment of valbazen for roundworms, and treating bumblefoot for the first time.... this morning I found this.

A few weeks ago I suspected cocci and gave them corid for 3 days. The fecal float test I had done this last week was negative, so I thought I had done it unnecessarily. However after treating for worms and STILL finding this stuff in their poop, I searched and found advice from Kathy (cartsapony) saying to treat for severe cocci. So that's what I'm doing now. Nobody looks sick but my intuition has been waving red flags lately and I think this is why.

I certainly hope after 10-12 days of corid, a second treatment of valbazen, and the ongoing bumblefoot care that everyone will be healthy and happy for a good long while.
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The Chicken Chick®: What's the Scoop on Chicken Poop ...


Check out this thread.  It's helpful determining illnesses in chickens.  They have no other symptoms?  Do they have access to clean water 24/7? 


The pic you posted does look like coccidiosis to me.  What are you treating them with?  I think the treatment takes 5 days straight.  I've just dealt with it myself in my pullet pen and they were dying one after the other.


@casportpony is very knowledgeable.  So, I would follow the advice you seen her post.  Take care and keep me posted.

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Thanks Outpost. Yes, I have looked at that chart many times, it's very helpful. I had one hen euthanized, but I'm not sure what all was wrong with her. One chick wasn't feeling well shortly after that but after worming her she perked up and is back to normal. No one acts sick, but after reading a post by Kathy saying that seeing intestinal lining more than once in a week calls for worming and cocci treatment, I immediately did as she suggested and started them on Corid at severe strength. They were wormed a couple of days ago and the second treatment will follow in 10 days.
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According to the FDA and the mfg's, the severe treatment is:
9.6% liquid is 2 teaspoons per gallon for 3-5 days followed by 1/2 teaspoon per gallon for 1-2 weeks.

20% powder is 1.5 teaspoons per gallon for 3-5 days followed by 1/3 teaspoon per gallon for 1-2 weeks


I almost always do 5 days, then just 7 days.



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Thanks Kathy - I've got the 20% powder and dosed it right, thanks (again) to your directions on another thread. I will do 5 @ 1-1/2 t & 7 @ 1/2 t. Another thing going on in my chicken world is molting. Babies, teens and older hens all at once shedding feathers and growing new ones. I clean poop from the run several times a day. Yesterday I raked up all the feathers. Here's what the back part (the hardest to clean, if course!) looks like now...

While I was out there giving them am afternoon treat, I took a look at my lt Sussex and my silkie mix roo. Both have slight limps - both have bumblefoot and need surgery - guess I'll tackle that tomorrow.

I'm gonna try to get everybody all fixed up before we go on vacation mid - end of October, so I'll be able to relax and not worry about my feathered friends AND my dear old mom who will be tending them for me.
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