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This is my first time hatching eggs and my Americana laid a double yolk and it is fertile whats the chances of it being twins and what should i prepare for?

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First :welcome


Now you need ether an incubator or a broody hen to have this egg hatch out.  

The other thing to consider is that the yolk is NOT  the nucleus .. It is the food source for the baby chick to grow out from.   If you incubate it and about day 8 candle it.  You will see 1 or 2 baby chicks forming.   If there are 2,    I feel that only one will make it to the end,  If at all.


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I've tried this myself a few times.  Only one chick developed and then died before hatch date inside the shell:(.


I've seen other people say it is possible, but you will probably have to assist hatch.  Be prepared for that.

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There is a video on YouTube showing twin chicks hatching.  They did need help and the person helping seemed to know what she was doing.  I have heard it is very rare to have both chicks live. 

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I have a hen who lays a double yolk everyday but I've heard they rarely ever hatch so we just stick those in the fridge with the other eating eggs
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