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HELP ASAP!!!!! My little Serama rooster just started like seizing in his cage and flailing so I pulled him out and his head was back and he was like stiff so I held him and he like pulled up water/saliva and now I'm holding him and he keeps going limp then waking up and he's panting. Help I don't want to lose him!
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Is he still alive? Has your flock been treated for Mareks and cocci?
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Yes he came out of the seizure but has been attached to me and clucks if I leave him alone. He's actually an indoor bird and hast been around my other flock. The lady who had the four Serama I have now I believe did treat for both at one time. He just seems sleepy but alert.
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Is he eating or drinking?
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I've given him sugar water but he hasn't eaten since it happened
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Sugar water will probably not help. Try to get him some electrolytes and gently urge him to eat a tiny bit.
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I was told sugar water just to get him up and going but I have sac a chick I can give him
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Sounds good. Save a chick should help. This sounds like Mareks, but I can't be sure. Look up seizure in the search bar and see what you get. Good luck!
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I've had a bird have mareks before this doesn't seem like mareks
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There are different symptoms to mareks. Have you searched for seizure? I'm sorry I can't be of more help...what are you feeding your rooster? How old is he?
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