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Dog attack. Need help

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One of our favorite girls Paula dean has been attacked by 2 of our dogs. The kids let the aggressive one out and I didn't know it. They got ahold of her and had her cornered when I found her. She's having trouble walking right and she had some open wounds. I've sprayed them all with vetericyn and cleaned her up the best I could. I've got her drinking water but she won't eat. We had another hen attacked a month ago with a large open wound and she's back to normal but this time her having a hard time walking is worrying me. Is there any additional things I can do to ensure she makes it. I know most people would just cull their chicken under these circumstances but our chickens r our pets and we love them all very much so this is heartbreaking any advice would be much appreciated. Thank u
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Put neosporin on the wounds and bandage them. Get the chickens some electrolytes in their water and tempt them with tuna, scrambled eggs, and hard boiled eggs. I do hope your chickens get better soon!!
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I have her separated n a kennel n the house now and I just checked on her and she layed an egg with no shell..... It's completely soft.... Could this be due to the stress
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Possibly. I would give her some grit, ground up oyster shells, and some water with electrolytes as well as tuna and scrambled or hard boiled eggs. Good luck!
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