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just in case supplies?

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What are some emergency items I should have on hand for my chickens? From what I've seen on here, blue kote is a must, any other suggestions?
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Hen saddle
Dewormer (safeguard)
Tube-feeding supplies
Eye dropper
Pin less peepers (maybe not this exact brand)
Dog crate or carrier ready for use
Sevin Dust

I will post more if I can think of any!
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Are there any good online stores for these things? My Tractor Supply seems like they are always out of what I go in there for !
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You could try BYC's website, Amazon, ideal poultry, purely poultry, etc. if you look each one up separately you shouldn't have any trouble. Beware of pinless peepers, some say they cause eye problems in chickens! You can make the saddle out of an old fleece jacket and neosporin can be bought at any drug store. Good luck!
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Leafblade gave a very good list.

My only additions would be:


Vetericyn wound spray


probiotics (chick saver)


good pair of small scissors (bandage removing scissors are great if you can get one as they have one dull tip, helps get vet wrap off)

For bandaging, rolled gauze works really well and


Vet wrap, Tractor supply carries usually.  Works MUCH better than the stuff for people.  Get white or tan.  Colors can encourage pecking.

I buy the wide rolls and cut into strips the length  and width needed.


Something for feed and water in the crate that won't spill.


Perhaps an antibiotic for wound infection emergencies, if you don't have access to a vet.  Fish mox,  Fish enro etc. 

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Originally Posted by mamabear2005 View Post

Are there any good online stores for these things? My Tractor Supply seems like they are always out of what I go in there for !

I would check out some other feed or farm stores. The ones that cater to cattle, goats, and other animals may have a lot of the things you need.  southern States Cooperative, Rural King, and local Purina Feed stores will have many of the worm medicines, antibiotics, disposable scalpels. is one of the best for medicines and supplies.

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Thank you for the additions to my list! I forgot sav-a-chick, which is one of the most important things. Having it on hand is great for many circumstances, like attacks, diseases, and even just exhausted chickens, like newly hatched chicks and adults who have had a traumatic experience. Good luck, hopefully you will have to use these things as little as possible!
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