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Dilated pupils

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Hi everyone
I have seven beautiful and much loved Isa Browns in Adelaide, Australia. They are healthy free rangers. But I noticed yesterday that one of them has very small, dilated pupils in her eyes. This must have changed sometime over the last month. She doesn't appear to be vision impaired in any way, is eating, drinking and laying normally. Does anyone have any knowledge they could share? Thank you so much. Ali
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Welcome to BYC. Dilated pupils are large, but constricted pupils are small. As light hits the eye, the pupil should become smaller or consrticted, then grow larger or dilate in darker areas. Can you post a picture? With Mareks disease there can be pupil size and shape changes, as well as iris color changes. 



Normal eye on left, ocular Mareks disease on right



Normal eye in middle; ocular Mareks on left and right



Ocular Mareks

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Thank you for your reply. You're right, it's actually a constricted pupil - not dilated! My girl looks exactly like the chicken in the photo. I'm really worried it's Marek's. I'll take her to the vet today to be sure. Is there anything I can do if this is confirmed to be the case? I am also really worried about my six other girls, as my googling on this leads me to believe it is quite contagious in a flock.
Thank you so much for any info or experience you may have.
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Can you try to get pictures of her eyes from the side? Some BYCers have seen ocular Mareks, and may be able to help. I wouldn't panic about it being Mareks just yet. Ocular Mareks is just one of 4 types of Mareks. There can be many other eye disorders.  I will give you some links a little later to read.

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Thank you so much. Here are some photos of my beautiful girl and her unusual eye. I hope they're clear enough for you to see. [IMG]
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Thank you for all your help. After a visit to the avian vet, I'm thrilled and ever so relieved to let you know that it's not Marek's. Phew! We are on some anti-biotics, eyedrops and pain killers for an eye inflammation. Hopefully we will see some positive results within the next week or so.
It's amazing how attached we become to these beautiful creatures, isn't it?! They are so precious. I'm so glad I have them. Thanks again for your feedback and support. Much appreciated.
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It's good that you were able to get treatment for her, and I hope that she responds well. Here is some reading about eye disorders:

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