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Fowl pox

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What can I do to treat fowl pox I'm already adding antibiotics to water and use using vet rx they don't seem to be getting better or worse is there any other treatment?
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Unfortunately since fowl pox is a virus spread by mosquitoes, antibiotics won't treat the pox, but may help teat a secondary bacterial infection. They can stop eating, so making sure they are eating and drinking enough is the best thing. Look inside the beak and throat with a flashlight for any yellow or beige pox lesions. That is wet pox or diphtheric lesions, and that type of pox is most serious. Pox usually lasts 2-3 weeks, so hopefully it will be over soon. You may want to treat for mosquitoes and flies, since they spread it. Don't disturb any scabs since that can also spread the disease. Here are some good links to read:

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