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Chicken Nest

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I have a chicken coop, but about a month ago I recently let my chickens free range, they always go back to the coop to lay there eggs and at night to sleep, but I noticed I wasn't getting as many eggs as I normally would. So I figured they were laying somewhere else. So this morning I noticed my cat being nosey outside the corral not to far from the coop and I noticed a chicken my first thought was the cat killed one of my chickens, but they never mess with them so I went over and noticed the chicken was alive so I kinda got her out only to find a huge nest of eggs.

I am not sure how long they've been there or if there even alive. So my question is can I pull them and candle them and put them back?
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If your hens are not sitting full time on the eggs (usually they only leave their eggs for 30-45 mins to feed and poop) then it is unlikely that the eggs will be viable. You can candle them and return them if you see development, but i would suggest doing so when the hen has voluntarily left the nest to feed etc. 



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