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Leghorn and possible Bumblefoot?

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Hey everyone!!!


So about a week ago I noticed my leghorn was stooping down whenever I got closer to her. (she normally isn't one to get picked up) because she normally runs away it kind of stuck me as odd that she would stoop. Well about 3 days ago she did it again and I picked her up. I've noticed a few things (they might be nothing but i'm new to all this so any help would be great) 1) the back of her comb is a slightly different color. its not red and vibrant like the rest, more of a reddish purplish. Also, the bottom of both her feet are developing small taupe colored circles that might be bumblefoot? I'll attach some photos. She isn't acting any different aside from letting me pick her up now. still laying and eating the same. They are free range so maybe she stepped in something?  

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I've noticed on my leghorns also that sometimes the back of the comb gets that way. Maybe she has grown the comb too big for her blood supply? I'm not sure. If she seems otherwise healthy, I wouldn't worry about it 

However, it does appear as though she has mild/medium cases of bumblefoot. There are several routes you can use for treatment: You can give 1/2cc of penicillin injected near the swelling, then wrap the wound. You can spray some Vetericyn wound and infection care on the scab, then bandage it up. You can also cut the infection out with a scalpel (this should be used as a last resort), then pack with antibiotic cream, spray some Vetericyn on it, and bandage it up, making sure to change the bandage often. ---Come join us! 

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Reply ---Come join us! 

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