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Year old hens not laying

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I have 3 hens, all about a year old (I hatched them) that have not even started laying.
1 Olive Egger
1 Black Australorp.

None seem to be molting.

I dewormed them all with wazine recently and they all have good weights.

No mites or lice.

Added BOSS for extra protein a few weeks ago because I noticed the feed I bought is on the low side (%15)

Not hiding eggs anywhere (not possible)

They LOOK like hens.. although I'm starting to second guess myself. No typical rooster traits like spurs, crowing, or saddle feathers though.

Light in the coop for a few extra hours of daylight.

2 do seem to have combs on the paler side, I've noticed recently.

So I'm looking for suggestions on what I should try next.

Different dewormer? Higher protein feed? I'm at a loss..
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How long have you been feeding them the 15% protein feed?

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A month or so. Before that they were getting 18%.
I just recently switched feed stores
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Do you mix the feed with any scratch grains or corn? Do they get lots of treats?

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No scratch or corn, I only give that in the winter. Once in awhile they'll get dinner leftovers but no, not a lot of treats. Also have a 50'x 100' pen with plenty of grass.
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Well, they definitely look female. I don't think it's a case of too little nutrition to develop. Are they too crowded? Do you have too many young males around? And what happened to the Australorp's feet?

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Sorry for all the questions, there are just some many things that can affect laying.

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I only have 2 roosters, a silkie and a BCM roo, to about 15 hens. The others are laying as they should.

That one didn't go in the coop one night last winter and developed frost bite. I brought her inside the next morning when i noticed the swelling, but I still couldn't save some of her toes sad.png
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Coop is 8'x8'x8' with a 100'x50' run, I don't think they're crowded.
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Poor thing. You could try marking their vents with gel food coloring and then check the eggs for the dye. That way, you know for sure that they aren't laying at all. An 8x8 coop is pretty small for all of your birds. Is the run covered? Or is the coop the only shelter they have?

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