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Hey Aart. Thanks for the reply. Sorry for the slow response, busy on this side.

Sorry, did not get to take a pic of the land but it's just a level piece of land with basically just grass which has after the winter almost disappeared.

I do have a few sheep on the same piece of land.

I'm quite sure they're not laying somewhere else because the area is fenced on the one side by a pre-cast concrete wall and 25x50 welded mesh on the other sides.

Visibility is clear right up to the fence wall.

I've fenced of an area inside the big area of about 4m x10m with a roof area of about 2,4m x 4,8m which is also where my 40 nesting boxes are located.

I've homed them there for about a week initially and then cut two openings, one at each end for them to be able to get in and to keep the sheep out.

The majority of them sleep in this area and the rest just outside of it for some reason.

I've checked on the feed suppliers website that the protien level is 160g/kg.

I don't think the feed ration is diluted because there is not much left of the grass after the winter.

I've changed the brand of feed for about a month but also no change.

They started laying at about 23-24 weeks.

We've just had a heatwave here so summer is in full swing.

I'm giving them greens (whatever I can get my hands on) now as a supplement, hopefully it might do the trick.

A buddy of mine and I got the same chicks from the same batch and although he only got about 90 chickens he gets about 80 eggs a day.


Thanks in advance for any feedback