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Seven yr old Pekin NEVER laid eggs!

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3 days ago I adopted a 7 yr old Pekin duck.  Her previous owner says the duck has NEVER laid any eggs.  Is this possible?  Might she lay in the future?  My 7 month old female Pekin just started laying and gives me an egg or TWO almost every night.


Waddles came to my home 3 days ago after living alone in a pen as a single duck.  She is used to a kiddie pool to swim in. She won't swim in my lake (yet?) with the other ducks.  I have gently places her at the edge of the water but she runs back out!  I keep her in a outdoor pen with an indoor shack when I am not able to watch her closely.  She is still unsure of the 'duck territory' and I don't want her to wander off.  Also,  my 7 month old male Pekin, Peep, is the alpha-male of the group and chases her around grabbing her neck and tackling her to the ground.  Waddles has very short legs compared to my other ducks and her feet a slightly 'pigeon toed' so she can't run very fast.  I am slowly introducing her to the flock and hope she will be able to harmoniously join the others.  She gets along well with the other females and sleeps with them at night,  Right now I am keeping the 2 boys separated from the females at night.


Will Waddles ever lay eggs?  How can I get her to swim in the lake?

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I am not sure if ducks catch infectious bronchitis like chickens. IB infected my whole flock a few months ago, and this disease usually causes some damage to the genital system, anywhere from no damage to heavy damage. All my chickens recovered quickly from the symptoms, although a couple of the hens lay a little odd shaped eggs, and there's one that occasionally lays unshelled or heavily odd shaped ones, and sometimes normal ones, anyways, there's that one en that IB got the better of her, she layed beautifully as a pullet and very consistently beautiful eggs, but adter IB got into my flock, she showed the symptoms for much longer than others, and after she recovered never got back to laying, and it's been over a year now and no eggs from her side, the cause is that the mature yolk can't enter that tube(I forgot it's name) where the rest of the egg is formed, instead it falls in the body cavity and gets absorbed by the body, she still thinks that she can lay and every day she goes to the nest box and sits for about an hours or more waiting fir her egg to come out, when she give up, she goes out singing the egg song... This is called False Laying, wich is not much known nor discussed on the internet. She even stopped going to the nest and her comb got paler when molting season began, and after she dinished molting her comb got bright red and started visiting the nest bix again, so I'm sure she's false laying. I wonder if anyone else has suck a hen or if there's anything to help fix this problem. (I'm so sorry i weote so long and a bit off topic, but this problem frustrated me tongue.png)
Back to your duck, if ducks can catch IB it might be that she's been false laying her whole life.
Or, another thing, it might be New castle diseases, i had a single muscovy duck that i raised as a baby, anyways one day, out of nowhere, my flock caught the virulent strain of new castle disease, and most of it died, sadly, and that was a few years ago, but my duck did not get affected by it, and at the time she was too young to start laying, but after she grew up, she never ever laued a single egg, and while searching about it i read somewhere that ducks do not die or get ill with NCD, but their reproductive system gets damaged and they might never lay eggs and become infertile. Though I'm not sure if they false lay or never actually produce mature yolk....

So sorry for the long long post but I'm very interested in that matter as well....
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Oh and welcome to backyard chickens!
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