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Please help sick 8 week old chick!

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Okay I'm completely stumped. One of the baby chicks is not able to stand or walk. Keeps its leg and foot up. The foot is always closed. Thought is was close to death. Removed her from the coop and she drank some water,made up some oatmeal with yogurt and karo syrup. She ate a good amount and also ate some shredded wheat with out the milk. She has perked up some but still having problems with standing walking and balance. Her poop is completely normal, no wheezing or sneezing. Her comb and tongue are a bit pale. Checked for mites and lice can't see any. No skin irritations either. What the heck could be wrong?
We lost one last week, but not sure how.
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Also noticing that every now and then she opens her mouth and stretches her neck ad if she is trying to take a deep breath.
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Can you start her on some poultry vitamins and electrolytes right away, and make sure that she is drinking it? Was she vaccinated for Mareks disease? Is she having any diarrhea or blood in her poops? How is the coop or brooder ventilation? Check her skin for any  mites or tiny bugs. She could be suffering from a riboflavin deficiency with her lameness and curled toes, so make sure the vitamins contain riboflavin.

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Thank you! I was told they were vac but I'm new to this so not sure if it that is a standard vac for Mereks? Her poops are completely normal, firm brownish green with white. Sorry for such detail but important. I have checked every nook on her for bugs or irritated skin, nothing there. I agree she is displaying Mereks but again her poop is normal. She passed a few hours ago, she was struggling so bad just to take a breath we couldn't let her continue to suffer that way.
Thank you again for taking your time to help. I appreciate it very much! Given the additional info if you have any ideas I'm all ears! (guess I should say I'm all eyes, lol)
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Sorry for your loss. If you would be curious about it being Mareks, your state vet could do a necropsy and look for it, if you refrigerate her body, and ship it or take it in. Hopefully it wasn't that, but at least she isn't suffering.

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Thank you! I spoke with the vet and they said they didn't think Merecks since her poops were completely normal. I gave them all the info I posted here, and the vet feels it could have been a hereditary issue. All the others seem to be doing great. I'm keeping a very watchful eye on these babies.
Thanks again for your insight and help!
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