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Chickens physically are very different from humans.  There are many many poultry ailments that are in effect incurable.  Many of these ailments or diseases (especially the viral ones) leave a chicken a carrier for life of the infection it has.  Besides none of these diseases have an effective treatment or cure and it is in fact against the law for science to develop a treatment or vaccine for some of the worst chicken diseases because a vaccine would in effect render any test for these disease agents ineffective by giving a false positive reading on vaccinated birds.  And an effective treatment would only create more sick birds as they would continue to shed the viruses that made them sick in the first place.  In a case like this it becomes a question of the safety, or at least the wholesomeness of the food supply. Chickens however have the ability to recover from physical injuries or insults that would kill most humans.  So do whatever you wish to do with the bird in question because I doubt that anything you do with the possible exception of improving the hen's diet or worming her will make a difference. And if her nest mates are laying up to their potential, then this hen's diet at worst is likely to be "good enough"  
Ok thank you I'm just worried about how long she'll live, she's spaces out a lot and will randomly fall off of things. Sometimes she'll just be walking and just fall. She's my favorite hen and I just really want her to be healthy