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Lopsided chicken not crop

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I have a 1yr old bard rock that became lopsided and off balance over a few days or so. If she runs she meanders to the right. Looks like she has a crick in her neck. Droppings are few but normal looking. She was wormed with wazine 1.5 months ago. She had become very ill before I found her and wormed her.[IMG]
What could be wrong? Any ideas?
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Welcome to BYC. She may have wry neck, crook neck, or torticolis which is a symptom of many problems such as vitamin deficiency, an injury, brain inflammation, Mareks disease, and other things. You can give her vitamins B1 and E,  and selenium for a couple of weeks to see if it helps. Poultry Nutri-Drench or Poultry Cell contain both vitamins and selenium, can be given orally 3 ml per day, and selenium is also found in eggs.Here is some reading about it:

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So its been about 12 days... The chicken seemed to pep up with vitamins (Poultry Cell) and was returned to the flock in the daytime and brought in to make sure it got food and water. Her neck never straightened up, and she never seemed really healthy.I don't think she was eating/drinking much in the last couple of days today my wife called and said the chicken had labored breathing and was slinging its head at times. by the time I got home from work it was about gone. seemed to be having stroke/ seizure/ heart attack...maybe this was Marek's, I may never know what happened.  Any thoughts? My main concern is that the rest of the Flock is infected/exposed/doomed... all the hens that lay eggs have never missed a beat. only the ones who never laid eggs have died, 3 out of 7. The last 3 hens and rooster seem very vigorous, but this seems like a high mortality rate. the hens died at about 6,7 and now 8 months. one was sick and killed by a dog before it could be treated. one had a tumor on its back, and was killed by a dog as well. they are all about 8 months and were bought from a breeder by a family member. his only losses were from predators.

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They came from Cackle Hatchery if that means anything.

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