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sick chicken

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Help me please...Big Betty is a Rhode Island red and she started sneezing, or maybe it is a cough. And it also sounds like she is gargling....not sure what is wrong.
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Id suggest its a respiratory infection. First of all isolate the chicken ASAP. Give some vitamin supplements / electrolytes in her water (this will give her immune system a boost) and monitor her. Respiratory infections can range from mild to severe, so she may well get over it, but be aware that if this is the case, she is likely to be a carrier of the infection for life (assuming it is viral) and its highly possible that the rest of your flock will exhibit similar symptoms at one time or another in the near future. Please check respiratory illnesses in the search bar as there are many threads there.


I have the same issue with my flock - they usually take a week or so to get over it (bit like us having a cold), but they remain otherwise healthy throughout. I used isolate and give antibiotics, but now i just let them work through the illness themselves (with vit supplements in their water). 


Good luck


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I will try that today, thank you. I've had chickens for two or three years now and have not had this problem before. I've had foxes snatch them in daylight right before my eyes and a raccoon got into my run earlier this year and killed 5. But I've been lucky I guess for non of them to get sick. They are so much fun and each has its own personality, it breaks my heart when something happens to one. And now I have also been "lucky" to wind up with a rooster out of the bunch I got at Easter, really surprised me when we heard it crowing, but Arnold Schwarzenegger is really very handsome.
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