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Chicken not making a sound

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I went to let my chickens out this morning, one is very shy and doesn't like to be bothered. (She runs away if you get close.) She didn't try to move from where she was, she was making a pitiful cooing sound as if something was in her throat. I gave her some fresh water, but she didn't drink. I checked on her a few minutes ago, she is roaming but now when she opens her mouth there is no sound.

Is this normal? should I be worried? I have only been a chicken owner for about 1.5 years so I am unaware of all things associated with them. I only have two  

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Welcome to BYC. Does she appear to be in any distress or having difficulty breathing? If so, you could look inside her throat with a flashlight and another pair of hands.for any foreign objects or yellow patches. Does she have any signs of a respiratory infection, such as nasal drainage, crusty eyes, noisy breathing, or sneezing? Does she arch her neck? Try throwing a favorite treat to her such as egg, scratch, or other to see if she tries to eat.

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Tried looking in her throat with a magnifying glass, but didn't see anything. It seems like she is struggling to breathe. There are no respiratory or wheezing sounds that I can hear. No discharge of nasal or eye. Gave her some drops of water with a dropper little at a time. I don't know what else I can do.


Trying to feed her with food soaked in water and an egg mixed in. Drops of water in small dosages. Trying to take a deep breath like gasping.

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Is there any mold in the coop or run? Aspergillosis is a respiratory disease that can cause silent gasping, along with a whole list of symptoms. Is a vet possible? Is she gaping or using her neck to breathe? What part of the country so you live in? Is it hot and humid or tropical? has she been wormed recently?  Since she sounds so ill, I would either take her to a vet, or start some Tylan 50 injectable, and give it orally--1 ml  twice a day for 5 days in case of a respiratory disease. I would also worm her with SafeGuard Liquid Goat Wormer or Equine Paste--1 ml orally for 3 straight days, in case of gapeworm. Let us know how she is doing.

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She didn't make it :( thank you for all the suggestions. Whatever it was, it was fast acting and she was the only one affected. 

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Sorry for your loss. If you could refrigerate the body, you could send it to your state vet or veterinary college for a necropsy.

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