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Lathargic, Skinny Cockerel

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One of my cockerels has been slowly losing weight for a while now.  He's practically skin and bones, so I'm extremely concerned.  I am trying to feed him all that I can (without over-feeding, of course) and he seems very eager to eat the special food I mixed up for him.  He is also acting very odd.  When I first brought him home he was a ball of zeal, but now he's generally depressed and lethargic.  He even fell asleep in the minute I was away getting some treats for my hens and other cockerel!  When I checked him over today after feeding him, I noticed that his crop seemed abnormally hard.  It felt kind of like he ate a tennis ball, which isn't at all like how my other birds' are.  Another odd thing about him is that every once in a while the 'back' of his comb will have a blue tint to it (unlike my other birds', yet again).


Should I wait a few days to see if he'll gain weight back on or should I call some local avian vets quickly?  I'm at a complete loss as what I should do :idunno 

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He could have an impacted crop. Check his crop first thing in the morning to see if it has gone down or emptied. If it hasn't gone down and is still hard, give him only electrolyte water with vitamins, and massage his crop several times. Also do some research on impacted crop. Don't feed him grains until his crop starts to empty, but egg and plain yogurt may be given on the second day. Could he have become dehydrated or been kept from his food by the other cockerel or chickens to the point he is weak? Is he having diarrhea or blood in his poops, or acting puffed up as though he may have coccidiosis? Has he been wormed recently?

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Thank you very much for replying!


I'll check his crop first thing tomorrow. The other cockerel is kept by himself as he is very aggressive, but I suppose that the hens could be keeping him away from the food.  He is having some diarrhea but no blood, is a bit puffed up (though that could just be that he's not liking the wind we have here), and -to my knowledge- he's never been wormed.

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