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What is this on her comb??

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I noticed something on my baby's comb and I'm worried. Can anyone tell me what it is?
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I saw pictures similar to what your birdie looks like recently when pursuing Backyard Chicken site . Search the site for Pox. If I remember, all in the end should be oka,y but there is a thread, I will see if I can find it that gives tips on some things you can do to help.Sending your bird good thoughts on getting well!!

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I am so sad!! I have 3 other chickens and want to make sure they'll be OK. Thanks for the heads up.
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found this:


Welcome to BYC. Fowl pox is transmitted by mosquitos. There arnt any treatments because it is a virus. It has to run its course which takes about 2-4 weeks. They will be immune to it afterwards. Iodine can help dry the nodules and scabs, they are infectious to other chickens. The eggs are safe to eat.


But google fowl pox and see if the pics are similar to what you are seeing.


Let me know how it goes!!!!!!



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